About the Hosts

Liam Elliott

Founder & Chief Problem solver @ EncubedSolutions.com.au

A seasoned software engineer with over two decades of experience, is the visionary founder of Encubed Solutions, an enterprise software consultancy based in Sydney, Australia. Holding a Master’s in Business Leadership, Liam’s expertise extends beyond coding. He’s an avid advocate for innovative solutions and a dedicated problem solver who believes in helping others realize their maximum potential.

Outside the tech world, Liam is a homebrewing enthusiast who crafts unique concoctions and an ultra-marathon trail runner who thrives on pushing the boundaries of endurance. With a relentless commitment to both his team’s success and the personal growth of those around him, Liam is driven by the goal of making a positive impact through technology and leadership.

Matt Goldman

Author and Solution Architect

Matt is a Solution Architect at SSW and is engaged in diverse projects for a variety of organizations, including development of applications for mobile, desktop and cloud platforms. Matt is a technophile and loves using technology to solve real problems; for example a secure mobile app for regulated industries and a novel authentication solution for interactive classroom displays. He also maintains and contributes to open-source projects.

Matt’s passion for making technology accessible and enjoyable is central to his roles as author and regular speaker at industry events, as well as throughout his day-to-day work. Combining his academic background in science communication with industry expertise, he skilfully simplifies complex ideas and translates challenging technical concepts into easily digestible information.

He has a keen interest in health, the environment, and human and animal welfare, and actively champions initiatives aimed at making a positive and hopefully life-changing difference.